GreenWood Forest Park

A unique and extremely popular attraction, the GreenWood Forest Park is located at Y Felinheli, just a short distance from Caernarfon.  The park is outstanding in its environmental awareness and policies, setting an impressive example and winning numerous awards for its eco-friendly operation.

The park is open all year (with the exception of November thru January) and is a delightful experience for all ages, and in all weathers.  The Great Hall, which houses numerous exhibits including an interactive tree walk and a Saharan desert complete with sandstorms, provides plenty of entertainment if the weather is inclement.  The Hall also offers a full-menu family restaurant in any weather, but snack bars are scattered throughout the grounds, and picnic tables are also available.

There are adventures galore, with thrilling rides like the 70-metre Great Green Run and the world’s first people-powered roller coaster, with speeds up to 25 mph and a 360-degree horizontal loop.  The Giant Jumper, a 1500 sq.ft. bouncing platform for kids under 12, is also the first of its kind in Wales, and has proved immensely popular.

Younger children are delighted by the Tunnel Warren, while TreeTop Towers offers older ones a marvellous opportunity for climbing on netted walkways, dropping through tubes and generally working off steam in safety.  Families can navigate their own boat through a real jungle (denser in the summer) and practice archery skills with real longbows.

There is even a natural amphitheatre in the woods with open-air performances of magic, comedy, pirate shenanigans and other enjoyment for the whole family.  As a destination for travellers in North Wales, GreenWood Forest Park is highly rated as a very enjoyable spot to spend the day.